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The story of the Factory Hotel

History of the Iron Foundry

The Factory Hotel is part of Karkkila Högfors Foundry's history. The hotel's cartesian setting consists of the houses and park-like courtyards built by the Högfors patrons in different eras. Today, the area is an important part of the cultural-historically significant iron foundry complex. The Högfors Foundry, currently called Componenta Castings, is still functioning and producing iron every day. 

For a long time, the Factory Hotel was reserved exclusively for the use of the factory's own guests, and outsiders had no business being there. In recent years, however, the gates to the area have been opened and now, with respect for the past, the renovated accommodation, banqueting and meeting facilities are available to all. The Tehtaan Hotel got a real boost at the beginning of 2019, when a new entrepreneur, Leena Hasselman, took over the management of the hotel.

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