Wedding couple in the lobby of the Bremer house


Perhaps the most important occasion of your life is coming up and you're wondering where to have your wedding reception?

We love organising weddings and helping you plan them!

We can arrange a menu and wine tasting session, or even help you plan table formats and party schedules.

The Factory Hotel offers a stunning wedding venue, accommodation, acclaimed food, drink and service, and a location for wedding photos in our stunning park. With us, you get a complete package for your wedding, so to speak - no tables to push, no coordinating with too many operators, no stress before or during the wedding. We don't believe that a wedding couple should spend all their free time planning and coordinating their wedding!

We have a wealth of experience in organising hundreds of weddings, and we will carry out your wedding to your wishes, down to the last detail. We also help you with realistic planning of schedules, so that we can give you the wedding of your dreams. During the party, our service is smoothly in the background and your programme is the main focus.

You can count on us to handle everything to your specifications and beyond!  

We will be happy to show you around our facilities and explore your wishes for your wedding party and all the other occasions in your life!

What could a dream wedding at the Factory Hotel look like?

You can come to us the night before the wedding to bring the decorations and have a glass of bubbly or go to a movie, just to relax before the wedding. Wake up before the wedding in your bridal suite and get ready for the day with the people you love.

The wedding can be held in the park of the Factory Hotel in good weather and there are many possible wedding venues.

As the party starts in fine weather, you can enjoy a sparkling wine in our park, then move on to the party room and the ready table. Delicious and acclaimed dishes, wines chosen together and a programme to suit you. During the party, the service is smoothly in the background and your programme is the main focus.

At the end of the evening, of course, the party kicks off and our bartender creates the best drinks! Perhaps a signature drink for the bride and groom. If any of the party still have some energy left, it's possible to continue the wedding in our river sauna. It won't be long for guests to tuck themselves into bed after a good party in our hotel.


In our pricing we use a so-called minimum sale based on time. Spring and autumn are quieter, so minimum sales are lower. On Sundays and public holidays, staff costs are higher, which affects pricing.

Minimum sales include food, drinks and also drinks bought by guests from the bar. Not just the food served by the wedding couple.

Food and drink always comes from us. Unfortunately, you cannot bring your own drinks or food. The food in our kitchen is of high quality, highly praised and we do almost everything from start to finish ourselves. The cake can be ordered from an external supplier if you wish. This is always agreed separately.

The price of the 3-course extended hot buffet main course starts at €55 per person. We will of course adapt the menus according to your wishes in terms of scope and content.

After 24:00 there is an extra charge due to the night hours. Any extension will always be agreed in advance. The cut-off time is 30minutes before the end time.

The party room will be ready for your use 3h before the party. Earlier by arrangement. If the room is available the night before, you can decorate the room already then. If not, you can access the space the morning before the wedding. We will help with the decorations (moderate) and you can deliver the decorations to us the day before.

Questions or would you like a quote? We will help you with any questions via or the request for quote form. Please include the number of people, the desired date and any other requirements you may have, e.g. accommodation.