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Meetings and business events

The meeting facilities at the Factory Hotel offer capacity for small meetings as well as for larger gatherings.

We organise meetings ranging from efficient morning meetings to multi-day strategy meetings, with accommodation and meals included in the meeting package as required. We provide full technical facilities and, if required, professional filming and recording.

Surrounding nature gives the conference delegates a chance to refresh themselves and take a brain-boosting oxygen jump. There are also additional team-building activities.

Meeting facilities
Covered table in the meeting rooms of the Factory Hotel

Facilities that change as needed

The Factory Hotel has a dozen meeting and banqueting rooms of different styles and sizes. The club's banquet hall seats around sixty diners and the concert hall seats 80.

The Orchestra Hall seats around 30, while the Aalto Dining Room and the Roof Room seat around 40.

For smaller meetings or even group work, the Fireplace Room, meeting rooms for 8 to 16 people, the Bremer House Library, etc. provide a comfortable setting.

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Meeting table, chairs and TV in the meeting room of the Factory Hotel
Meeting table in the meeting room of the Tehtaan Hotel