Versatile and stylish meeting facilities

Meetings and business events

The Factory Hotel has meeting rooms for small meetings as well as for larger gatherings.

We organise meetings ranging from efficient morning meetings to multi-day strategy meetings, with accommodation and meals included in the meeting package as required. We provide full technical facilities and, if required, professional filming and recording.

The surrounding nature with its rapids, for example, gives the conference guests the opportunity to refresh themselves and take a brain-boosting dip in the oxygen. There are also additional team-building activities on offer, from canoeing, pilates, trail running or a private cinema screening at Kino Laika.

We warmly welcome you and your colleagues to visit us at the Tehtaan Hotel!

Meeting facilities

Facilities that change as needed

The Factory Hotel has a dozen meeting and banqueting rooms of different styles and sizes. The Club Ballroom can accommodate up to sixty diners or meeting guests, and there are 80 seats for concert audiences. The Orchestra Hall seats around thirty.

For smaller groups, the Green Cabinet and Aalto Cabinet are suitable meeting rooms for 8 to 16 people. The Fireplace Room can comfortably accommodate 12 people. For group work, the Fireplace Room, the Bremer House library, the cosy little cigar room or the Aalto Cabinet lobby with its armchairs provide a comfortable setting.

Meeting rooms with meeting technology (fibre-optic wireless network, 42" screen/tablet, flipchart and note-taking equipment). A sound system and wireless microphones are also available in the main and orchestra halls.

See below for pictures and more information about our facilities!

Ask for the space that suits your plans!

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The prestigious ballroom of the Factory Hotel is transformed into many things. The dining room can accommodate up to 50 people. The room can be combined with the Orchestra Hall, the Fireplace Hall and the Kilpis Hall to seat 80 people.

  • U-shape (seats on each side of the stool) max 32 people.
  • Long tables for a meeting of 50 people.
  • A whopping 110 square metres.
  • The space is high enough to accommodate a stage for parties or performances.


The Orchestra Hall is separated from the Ballroom by sliding doors. The elegant space can be transformed for a wide range of events.

  • U-shape max. 16 people.
  • Round and oval table for a more relaxed meeting for 13 people.
  • Meeting 2 long tables, maximum 18 people.
  • Dinner 3 long tables (as seen from the table), maximum 30 people.
  • Squares 50.


The Green Cabinet is located separately from the main hall and other areas. A quiet space for meetings with modern meeting technology. Wool socks as standard for a relaxed meeting.

  • U-shape (seats on each side of the stool), maximum 16 people.
  • 2 long tables, maximum 16 people.
  • 1 large and wide table for 8-10 people.
  • 40 square metres.


The Aalto Cabinet is located separately from the main hall and other spaces. A quiet space for meetings or group work. Wool socks are standard for a relaxed meeting. A quiet lobby area with armchairs is located between the Green and the Aalto Cabinet.

  • The oval table can seat 8 people for a meeting.
  • Squares 35.


The Shield Hall is a popular venue for more formal dinners. It also works well as a meeting room.

  • The oval table seats a maximum of 15 people for meetings.
  • If a display is required, we recommend a maximum capacity of 13 people.
  • For dinners and lunches, the space is perfect for 8-15 people.
  • Squares 40.


The Takkasali is an atmospheric place for dinners and lunches. It also works well as a relaxed meeting space. The room can be combined with the Banqueting Hall or the Kilpisal.

  • Two long tables can accommodate a maximum of 16 people.
  • For dinners and lunches, the space is perfect for 8-24 people.
  • Squares 50.