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The Story of Tehtaan Hotelli

A History Filled With Iron

Tehtaan Hotelli holds an important place in the iron-filled history of Karkkila. The large accommodation and banquet buildings are situated in a lovely park with century-old oaks, maples and lindens. The buildings were originally constructed as family manors for the different owners of the ironworks. Today, the Tehtaan Hotelli entity is an important part of the cultural heritage and industrial development of Karkkila Högfors and Finland.
For decades, Tehtaan Hotelli was reserved only for the management and important guests of the ironworks. Locals could not even enter the premises, gates were closed both physically and symbolically. In recent years, the hotel has gradually been opened to public, mostly without commercial aims. In the beginning of 2019 the next era started when a new company Hassel & Ström Oy took over the commercial development of Tehtaan Hotelli, lead by Hotel Manager Leena Hasselman.

An International Future

Leena Hasselman is a long-term professional in restaurant and travel industry with a breadth of international experience. When still studying in Helsinki University, Leena travelled daily to St. Petersburg in the newly-opened Finnish train Sibelius, making sure that the restaurant service worked properly for the international customers. Her first start-up was a hamburger kiosk in Leningrad, opened still in the Soviet Union era in 1987. When Russia moved into a new economic system in the 1990s, Leena was in charge of sales and marketing development of the first business travel agency BTI in Moscow.

In 1999, Leena and her husband Lasse opened the first and only Finnish restaurant in Paris, France and called it romantically “Au Soleil de Minuit”. It is yet today the only Finnish restaurant ever to have existed in the French capital. In the 15th arrondissement the Parisians, curious and passionate about food, had a chance to taste Finnish delicacies such as freshwater fish lavaret, forest mushrooms, moose meat and lampreys, all imported directly from the homeland.
Back in Finland, Leena has promoted organic and locally produced food by starting a farmers’ market concept called Talonpojantori in Helsinki. Lasse, on the other hand, has been in charge of creating restaurant and service concepts for best hotels in Helsinki such as Kämp and Glo Hotels.
During their last assignment abroad in Singapore, both Leena and Lasse enjoyed the Asian variety of cooking and cuisines. Also, they created other startups such as the concept of “Finnish Film Festival” in cooperation with the Finnish Embassy and SF100 and different Finnish company sponsors such as Abloy and Laitilan Virvoitusjuomatehdas.
Now the couple has returned to Leena’s birth town, also much loved by their three children. When Leena was offered the opportunity to start developing the Tehtaan Hotelli concept as a full-time entrepreneur, it’s as if all the elements of their eventful life fell into place. Their three children together with grandparents are actively involved in the daily life of this true family business.
Leena Hasselman