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The Factory Hotel and the Högfors pottery area is a versatile destination for an overnight stay or a day trip. We are only an hour from Helsinki. Located in Karkkila, the small and unique Tehtaan Hotel caters for overnight guests, experience travellers, relaxers, diners in the Club's own restaurant, family celebrations and meetings ranging from short breakfast meetings to strategy meetings over several days.

We are located in the beautiful Ruukki area of Karkkila and Tehtaan Hotel is surrounded by stunning nature and culture. For example, there is a unique rapids route in the urban environment nearby. In the Ruuk area you will find a restaurant, a café, Aki Kaurismäki's Kino Laika cinema and its late-service bar, design shops, a yoga room and the Uunisauna, built in the old factory. Great events and concerts are also organised throughout the year in the Ruukki area and at the Factory Hotel.